Exceptional Customer Service. "Courteous treatment, competent service and a quality product is not what I give to my clients. It is what my clients get out of it ~ A great experience".
I consider the satisfaction of my clients to be the most important goal and take pride in the high volume of repeat business and referrals that I receive from my clients. former clients and friends.



By: Ron and Donna

A sincere interest in helping us Our initial impression of him was his professional manner with no sales pressure but a sincere interest in helping us. A short time later we contacted Joaquin to get an appraisal, which happened very quickly. It was very thorough and comprehensive listing appointment showing similar properties which had sold and were for sale. Based on this , he suggested a lisitng price range, helped us with interior suggestions for the open house as well as photos which emphasized the best attributes of our home. Due to Joaquin's pricing strategy the house sold within a week, impressive in that market and at our requested final sale price.

By: Ron and Donna

Expert help and guidance Because of our faith in Joaquin's ability to help us through the legal aspects of the sale he was our pick to help us with the purchase of our Airdrie home. From the start of the sale to the purchase of our new home occurred all within a month. We had not been in the real estate market for over 34 years we were ill prepared for the challenges that faced us. Had it not been for the expert help and guidance of Joaquin Benitez our foray into the real estate market could have been less than a pleasurable experience.

By: Christina and Thomas

Fun to work with Joaquin did an awesome job getting us into our new house. He was very patient and worked hard to answers to all of our questions. He was fun to work with as he guided us into our new home. I would not hesitate to use Joaquin in the future and recommend him to others.

By: Sabina L.

Good Experience I had such good experience with my realtor. Joaquin is professional, yet caring. He gave suggestions and recommendations for every step of the sales, from preparation, showing the home, open house, receiving offers, counter offers to finishing the sales. Whenever I needed him, he always responded quickly with advice. My realtor put my interest as the first priority and strived for the best. The whole process of selling my home was quick and easy; I had no cause to worry. I am completely satisfied!

By: Jenni Jane Kimball, REMAX First

Invest In Making Your Future Incredible “This presentation isn't to be missed. Joaquin brings linguistic expression to life, a.k.a graphs, in such a way that you will be forever be mesmerized by them. He clearly defines value by connecting a series of points, leading to the financial opportunities you’ve been searching for. By the end of his presentation, not only is Joaquin practically jumping up and down, bursting with excitement for your future but you will be cheering right beside him, ready to create the abundance you’ve always dreamed of. Start here and start today, invest in making your future incredible.

By: Jason Chen - P. Eng

Insightful and analytical Insightful and analytical. Joaquin provided a complete view into the Calgary housing market supported by fundamentals and facts. Before his presentation I thought the market in Calgary won't recover any time soon due to the economy, but the actual statistics was the opposite of what my feeling was. I am glad I attend Joaquin's presentation. Hearing the presentation gave me the proper view of Calgary housing market so that I can make the right decision. Joaquin is forward thinking and always promote his customer's needs and ensure their investment in their home, either business or for personal use, would be the best fit for their situation.

By: B. A.

Presented In Layman's Terms Joaquin’s Calgary Real Estate Market Outlook seminar is presented in layman’s terms that is easy for anyone understand. His examples are practical and easy to relate with as they apply to real time, everyday situations that anyone can identify with. There is a lot of take home information that we can apply, especially for someone who wants to venture into real estate, both as an investor or a a first time home buyer.

By: Steven Noordhof, RE/MAX First

Very Informative I had the pleasure of attending Joaquin Benitez market update presentation and found it to be very informative. I would recommend that you attend, if you are uncertain about whether it is the right time to invest in Real Estate. His detailed knowledge on the market is backed up by accurate statistics and charts. Paying attention to the market and knowing the cycles will be the key to your Real Estate success. I left his presentation feeling very optimistic about the direction the market is heading. Come learn for yourself and don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

By: Jason Chow - JCHI Home Inspection

Professional with high integrity After meeting, and working with Joaquin Benitez and his clients on many occasions to professionally inspect their homes, I can honestly say that Joaquin is a true professional with high integrity, honesty, and patience. Keep up the great work Joaquin!

By: Ryan Brackman - Founder Brackman Enterprises

Quality information Quality information at the right time is essential for profitable investments in real estate. Joaquin Benitez presentation provides both, while being engaging and easy to understand. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Calgary's real estate market