About Joaquin Benitez



Joaquin Benitez, originally from the small Central American nation of El Salvador, immigrated to North America during the early 1980's at the age of sixteen. For over the past 30 years he has lived in Alberta, Canada together with his wife, children, and grandchildren. 

During the first 15 years of his integration into North America, Mr. Benitez faced numerous challenges commonly experienced by newcomers. Becoming proficient in the English language, understanding cultural differences, and acquiring a formal education while raising a young family proved to be formidable challenges which motivated Mr. Benitez to work diligently to reach his goals. Today he holds a diploma in Civil Engineering from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and is a licensed real estate agent and published author of the self-help book entitled "The Foreclosure Phenomenon." 

Throughout his book, Mr. Benitez offers his readers practical and timely advice to help them defend their homes against an impending foreclosure. Additional real estate articles he has written have been published by the Huffington Post, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, and Montreal Gazette among others. He has also been featured on NBC's "Good Morning New York" morning show to offer expert advice to viewers who may be facing foreclosure. 

Now as licensed REALTOR® he is offering his expertise and services to help families find the perfect home and/or investment property. Most recently, he has been conducting a live Real Estate Market seminar on a monthly basis, during which he updates his clients on the condition of the market and shares insightful information from his unique perspective.